Community focus 

Mixing Room Exhibition
Entrance to The Mixing Room exhibition on Level 4
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Te Papa is an active member of the community. A key goal is to represent and appeal to New Zealand’s diverse society. Our Community Gallery offers an important opportunity to do this. We also have strong ties with Pacific communities – an acknowledgment of New Zealand’s place in the Pacific.

Community Gallery

Te Papa’s Community Gallery is part of the Passports exhibition. It tells the stories of the many communities that make up New Zealand.

Every 18 months to 2 years, another community is given the opportunity to present its story. Te Papa develops each exhibition in close cooperation with the community.

The Community Gallery has so far featured the Chinese, Dutch, Indian, Italian, and Scottish communities of New Zealand. An exhibition about refugees in New Zealand, The Mixing Room is the latest to be featured.

For The Mixing Room Te Papa worked with 70 young people who came as refugees to New Zealand from 27 diverse communities so they could tell their stories in their own way through art, film, poetry, performance and digital media.

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Relationships with Pacific communities

Te Papa has broad involvement with Pacific communities in New Zealand and overseas.

  • Pacific staff work with Pacific people to develop collections and curate exhibitions – most recently Tangata o le Moana: The story of Pacific people in New Zealand.
  • Pacific people contribute to publications and participate in many Museum events.
  • Pacific staff give external talks on Pacific topics.
  • Te Papa regularly welcomes visiting Pacific groups, dignitaries, and scholars.

Find out more in the 2004 report Pacific Peoples and Te Papa: Community Activities and Consultation Since Opening 1998 (PDF, 131kb).

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