NZMuseums website 

The NZMuseums website ( is a place for New Zealand museums to showcase their collections and activities to a global audience. It is a promotional tool as well as a museum directory, online collection management system, and a site for discussion and learning about museum issues and events.

Getting started on NZMuseums

Profiling your museum and its collection on NZMuseums is easy. Here's how to get started:

  1. Search for your museum or gallery on NZMuseums.
  2. If it is not on there, contact us.
  3. If your museum is on the site, request your login from us. Your login will give you access to edit your profile information, edit existing collection records, upload images, and create new collection records.
  4. You don’t have to use NZMuseums as your collection management system. You may just want to use it as a website presence and include up to date contact details and photos of your museum.

 NZMuseums FAQs (PDF, 90.9kB)

Using NZMuseums as an online collection management system

Once you have requested your museum's login to NZMuseums you can upload your collection by following the simple instructions on the eHive wiki. eHive is the collection management system which sits behind NZMuseums. Now your collection is available for the world to see! 

It is best to upload a minimum of 20 items to your museum's profile so it doesn't look bare!

How much does it cost?

Up to 200 images and related text is free. After that, licences are available for US$99 per year for 500 MB of space (up to 2,000 items) on NZMuseums.  There are cheaper rates available for larger volumes of storage.

How to get your collection online

The preferred method for getting your items onto NZMuseums is through the museum login on the website. However, if you don’t have an internet connection or have a large volume of information to convert, the easy to use spreadsheet provides an alternative.

For your items to be uploaded to the website, complete the spreadsheet below and send it on a CD with your images to:

NZMuseums Data
Vernon Systems Ltd
P O Box 6909
Auckland 1141

NZMuseums - collection information import spreadsheet (XLS, 2.6MB)

NZMuseums - eHive import spreadsheet instructions (PDF, 463kB)

Vernon Systems charge $130 plus GST to cover the time involved in uploading a spreadsheet, so make sure that you add as much information as you can!

Tips and advice to help get your collection online

 Planning for digitisation - a 7 step guide (PDF, 102kB)

Other opportunities on NZMuseums

Make your content more discoverable

We’ve linked up with Digital New Zealand. This means your content can be more discoverable through all these websites.

We need your permission to allow your content to be shared, so contact us and tell us if you’re in. It’s free and you don’t have to do a thing.

If your museum lists its events on they are automatically included on your NZMuseums website profile.


The NZMuseums blog features stories from all areas New Zealand's museum sector. We would love to showcase your museum and its activities on the NZMuseums blog. We can even 'spotlight' your museum on the homepage.

Do you have any queries?

For any technical queries use the eHive forum. It only takes a few seconds to register, and from there you can ask whatever questions you need to.

For all instructions and help on how to use eHive please go to the eHive wiki or contact us. If you have other questions about the process and the NZMuseums website, don't hesitate to contact us.

For instructions on how to use eHive visit the eHive wiki, email us or call 0508 678 743.

Other online communities you can join

There are other online communities you can join to showcase specific collections.

All That Remains: WWI objects in New Zealand museum collections

All That Remains ( is a shared exhibition website that features objects from the home front and overseas. The website offers a platform for museums, galleries, historical societies, archives, iwi, and Returned and Services’ Associations to participate in WWI centenary commemorations and showcase their WWI-related collections, stories, and activities to the world.

You can share your WWI-related collections items and profile your museum. You can also contribute to our collection of stories – share a WWI story, investigate a collection item in depth, or profile your organisation’s other WWI centenary activities.

Read more about participating in the All The Remains project (PDF, 202kB)

There are also resources available to help you direct your museum’s visitors to see your WWI collection online - a great way to extend their visit beyond the physical display space!

All That Remains poster (PDF, 837kB)

All That Remains flyers (PDF, 1.5MB)

Contact us for support to get involved

Kiwi Chicks: New Zealand Girl History

Kiwi Chicks ( is a collections-driven exhibition project that explores girlhood in New Zealand during the 18th-20th centuries. It is co-produced by Girl Museum and National Services Te Paerangi.

This project aims to identify ‘girlhood’ objects in New Zealand museums, libraries, archives, schools, historical societies, and art galleries, and then create an exciting exhibition that informs and inspires girls of today with the stories, achievements and struggles of yesterday’s girls, as well as reaching a general audience.

Contact us for support to get involved