Conservation guidelines 

Caring for collections and taonga

Caring for collections is an important but challenging thing to do. A great deal of thought and planning has to go into the treatment and preservation of collections, including where things will be displayed and stored, how they should be handled, and what they need to be protected from.

New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials

You can access further information about the care and conservation of cultural heritage materials from the New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials (NZCCM). Its website has an online directory listing institutions with conservation departments and private conservators who specialise in various mediums. It also provides advice on choosing a conservator and what to expect in terms of service.

Conservation and collection care websites

Collection care resources

Conservation Policy - National Gallery of Canada (PDF, 34kB)


The contents of a Museum Labelling Kit - Share Museums East 

How-to video: applying accession numbers to textiles

How-to video: applying accession numbers to glazed materials

How-to video: applying accession numbers to unglazed materials

Preventive conservation resources

Affordable preventive conservation for small businesses workshop presentation (PDF, 859kB)

'Mouldy books and use of UV pens on objects' - Tony Clarke's preventive conservation monthly November 2010 (PDF, 140kB)

Care of collections and taonga conservation policy - New Zealand Standards Scheme Module 2 (PDF, 140kB)

Preventive Conservation - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 1.07MB)

Collection care workshop presentations

Handling and packaging museum objects - a workshop run by Trish Nugent-Lyne, Whanganui Regional Museum (PPT, 10MB)

Handling and condition reporting (PPT, 2.07MB)

Storage (PPT, 16.9MB)

Applying accession numbers (PPT, 44.5kB)

Impact of light on collections (PPT, 12.7MB)

Affordable collection care: remedial treatments (PPT, 40.8kB)

Affordable collection care: condition and treatment report template (DOC, 54kB)

Affordable collection care: safe materials for conservation (DOC, 31.5kB)

Get conservation materials

Below is information on some suppliers for conservation treatment and packaging:

For suppliers of acid-free tissue and acid-free card, aluminium rod and custom-made hooks, Dacron wadding, ethafoam, tailors' forms and mannequins, tubes, Tyvek, and gloves, see page 13 of:

Caring for Textiles and Clothing - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 1.13MB)

Building conservation

Conservation and adaptation of marae heritage buildings

Dean Whiting: Customising your classic wharenui: Conservation and adaptation of marae heritage buildings (PDF, 68.8kB)

Condition checks on buildings

Minimising disaster - He Rauemi Resource Guides (PDF, 1.04MB)

Emergency Procedures - He Rauemi Resource Guides (PDF, 269kB)

Cleaning historic buildings

Funding for conservation work

You may be eligible to apply for up to $1500 for conservation supplies to help with the storage and care of your collections through National Services Te Paerangi's Helping Hands Grant.

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