Leadership, governance and compliance 

Big Ted's police uniform 1974-1988, Television New Zealand, New Zealand. Gift of Television New Zealand, 2005. © Te Papa.
Big Ted's police uniform 1974-1988, Television New Zealand, New Zealand. Gift of Television New Zealand, 2005. © Te Papa.

Manage resources and procedures

Plan your resources and procedures

You may need some help setting up policies and procedures for your organisation. The following He Rauemi Resource Guides can help with some of the important aspects of running a museum or gallery: 

Planning a New Museum - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 2.93MB) 

Developing a strategic plan - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 926kB) 

Developing a marketing plan - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 1.21MB)

Developing business cases for museum projects - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 1.5MB)

Feasibility studies - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 530kB)

Running projects

John Coster (Museum Consultant, Tauranga) has written notes on how to run projects.

John Coster: Getting Real – Project Definition & Feasibility (DOC, 85kB)

John Coster: Feasiblity Studies handout (DOC, 40kB)

Developing policies

CommunityNet Aotearoa's How-to Guide has been designed to help you ensure your organisation establishes effective practices and policies to develop and maintain good governance.

Examples of policies

Christchurch City Council Arts policies (PDF, 105kB)

Museum management

These resources will help you ensure museum resources are managed according to established policies, regular procedures and reporting mechanisms.


Research, data and best practice strategies for cultural and heritage organisations in the tourism industry.

Sample museum strategy 

Ken Gorbey, in his well written, sage strategy for museums in Northland, writes that museums must be unique, but connected, to appeal to visitors. His useful report (see below) is applicable to museums and galleries through the country.

Northland Museum Strategy (PDF, 697kB)

Governance and leadership

Museum standards

In order to familiarise yourself with proper museum practices, we recommend you consult with the New Zealand MuseumsStandards Scheme. The Standards Scheme can be used regularly as a guide to help you ensure that your organisation is reaching its full potential. It will also help you identify areas that may need improvement.

Trustees and director - roles and responsibilities

The following He Rauemi Resource Guides can provide information about museum governance and give examples of some of the different structures that institutions can follow. There is also information about the roles and responsibilities of key figures, as well as advice on how organisations can promote biculturalism within their own governance.

Governance Guidlines - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 499kB)

Bicultural Governance - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 1.86MB) 

Training for governing body

Members of the governing body and advisory groups should have a sound understanding of the museum, its policies, issues, opportunities and constraints, in order to make effective decisions.

Developing a Training Plan - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 1.39MB)

Training evaluation - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 823kB)

Are our ideas about museums changing?

Is the concept of the museum changing? How should museum leaders and staff respond to the changes? Noted international museum consultant Elaine Heumann Gurian discusses the ways in which the roles and responsibilities of museums are changing.

Code of ethics

The museum contributes to the development of museum practice both regionally and nationally.

Museum governance presentations

Security in Museums Workshop presentation (PDF, 921kB)

Making sense of sustainability workshop presentation (PPT, 6.16MB) 

David Fleming, Director of National Museums Liverpool, spoke about managing museums in tough financial times. Or perhaps that should be 'in times that are tougher than usual'!

Resources on governance

'Getting on Board' - A governance resource guide for arts organisations - Creative New Zealand (PDF, 2.32MB)


Ensure individuals, collections and taonga are legally protected. Find out more using these resources:

New Zealand Inland Revenue (IRD) - Te Tari Taake

Ministry of Economic Development

Ministry for Culture and Heritage 

Creative Commons New Zealand

Information about the Creative Commons licensing system and notification of the development of Creative Commons licences for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Copyright laws

Museums use copyrighted material all the time in their exhibitions, marketing, collections management, and public programming. However, just because a museum has an object or image in their possession, does not necessarily mean that they own the copyright. Museums, galleries, and other cultural organisations need to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials before they use them in things such as catalogues or promotional material.

For more information about copyright laws and how museums should deal with copyright material, read:

Copyright and Museums - He Rauemi Resource Guide (PDF, 4.5MB)

Communities of practice

Museums Aotearoa

You can apply for membership with Museums Aotearoa. This independent organisation is devoted to people working in museums, galleries, historical societies, and science centres, or connected in other ways with the arts, culture, and heritage of New Zealand.

CommunityNet Aotearoa

An internet resource for communities in New Zealand. Find different types of planning tools and templates for community and voluntary organisations. You can also find current and recent reports, accounts, correspondence, legal documents and personnel records for the purposes of accountability, legislative requirements and day to day operations.

Museums Galleries Scotland

A guide for those embarking on heritage projects, including new museum developments

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