Introducing Emma Philpott 

Emma Philpott

Emma joined National Services Te Paerangi in 2012, after eight years living abroad, including a six year stint in London and two years where she travelling by bicycle through Europe and Asia. Some of the most enriching experiences of her travels were enhanced by experiences at museums, including a walk through the statues of Muzeon Park of Arts in Moscow, the vivid 'Siege of Sarajevo' exhibition at Bosnian Historical Museum and the layered ancient history of Istanbul's Sultanahmet district.

Emma has previously worked as a Training Coordinator for the Money Advice Trust, the umbrella organisation for the United Kingdom money advice sector; and National Travel Health Network and Centre, which supported the UK's travel health sector. Emma studied journalism at Massey University and has written extensively for contemporary music, cultural and travel publications.

Emma is enthusiastic about supporting New Zealand's culture and heritage sector in her role of Sector Training Coordinator and working within a dynamic team at Te Papa. She currently lives in Wellington where she enjoys riding bicycles, baking bread and exploring the coastline.

Contact Emma by email or call 04 381 7246.