Te Papa Building Wellington Harbour Views. Photographed by Michael Hall.Te Papa.2010

Conditions of entry 

What you can and can’t do.

Photographers, please observe our photography policy.

Welcome to Te Papa. To make everyone’s visit as pleasant as possible, please:

  • don’t smoke – Te Papa is a smoke-free environment
  • don’t eat or drink, except in the restaurant or cafe areas
  • leave all animals outside
  • leave all skateboards at the Entrance
  • don’t photograph Museum objects – details below.

The above conditions of entry are set out at the Entrance to the Museum. We also suggest that you make use of our baggage check. Note that security cameras are operating.

If you have any questions, please ask a Te Papa Host.

Photography policy

What you can do

For private study and research purposes only, you can photograph, film, or video:

  • people in the Museum
  • general Museum scenes
  • the building itself.

However, you must not sell or publicly display these images, for example, on the internet.  

What you can’t do

You are not allowed to directly photograph, film, video, or otherwise copy any works on display in the Museum, including:

  • display cases
  • paintings
  • objects
  • taonga (Māori cultural treasures).

In some exhibitions, photography, filming, and videoing are completely prohibited. A sign at the exhibition entrance will make this clear.

Commercial photography and filming

Filming request form

Media enquiries

Contact our media team