Weekday parking specials 

Specials do not apply during weekends, school holidays and public holidays.


Unavailable until further notice.

Monthly leases

A limited number of monthly leases are available.

For more information about parking, please contact our Car Park Manager at 04 381 7000 or contact us through the website.

Important information

  • If you park outside the 7am–7pm period, you will be charged for the extra time at normal rates. 
  • If you have problems inserting your discount card, wait a few seconds and try again. If you still have problems, press the 'Cancel' button and insert your parking ticket again.
  • Make sure you pause briefly before inserting your discount card.
  • Take care of your discount card. Don’t wet, fold, rip, or mark it.

Conditions of use

Conditions and period of validity
  • The discount rate is valid for a set period starting from the
    purchase date. 
  • The discount is for individual days of parking, not a continuous period.
  • Parking outside the Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm period is charged at normal public rates. 
  • These discounts are not available on public holidays. Normal public rates apply on these days.
  • The discount card allows for a set number of uses within a specified time. When you have reached the number of uses, the card becomes invalid. It also becomes invalid on the expiry date.
Refunds, lost tickets, terms, and conditions of car parking
  • You can pay additional fees by cash or credit card at Automatic Pay Stations or by credit card at the exit.
  • No refunds or discounts will be given for parking for short periods or for any unused credit remaining on the discount card.
  • The user takes full responsibility for ensuring that the discount card is not damaged or lost.
  • Users of the discount are subject to the terms and conditions of using Te Papa's car park.
    Read our parking terms and conditions.
Availability of the specials
  • Te Papa reserves the right to cancel or change these specials without notice. 
  • The availability of these specials is limited by the availability of parking spaces.