FiaFia in the Foyer - 20/10/07 

11am–11.45am: Cultural Group - Wellington College Traditional moves mixed with the flavour of now.

12 noon–1pm: Viking Records Showcase. MC Antsman (Anton Carter), from award-winning music group Rhombus, digs into his record collection to spin old-time favourite Pacific hits from the famous New Zealand label Viking Records.

1pm–1.20pm: Ukulele Maestro. Chuck Upu is the lead ukelele player of the Vaimutu All Stars, String Band. With the 'uke' virtually joined to Chuck's hip, he is arguably the best 'uke' player in New Zealand.

1.30pm–2pm: Diva Siva. See fabulous fa’afafine perform.

3.30pm – 4.00pm: Laughing Samoans
The Laughing Samoans: these hilarious comedy kings of the Pacific entertain like no one else!