Carlos Navarrete 


Born in Acapulco, Mexico, Carlos comes from a musical family and has had an interest in percussion, guitar, singing, and dancing since he was very young. He learnt his skills from his musician/teacher father. He specialises in Mexican mariachi music, latin percussion, guitar playing, and singing.

Carlos started performing at bars and resorts in Acapulco, then in Mexico City and Puerto Escondido, Mexico. In 2004, he moved to Wellington, performing at venues such as The Flying Burrito Brothers, Latinos Bar, Havana Bar, Ernesto’s Café, Vivo Bar, and Katipo Café.

In 2005, he formed Clave Latina, a salsa band that has quickly established a reputation as one of the best in Wellington. Clave Latina has performed at various events and venues, including TV One’s Good Morning Show, Summer Hummer in Masterton with Frankie Stevens, Rotorua Jambalaya, NZ Salsa Congress, Wellington SummerCity, and the Nelson Salsaball.