The O’Connors 

Amanda and Sean O’Connor are renowned for their beautiful harmony singing, and equally beautiful melodic and heartfelt songs. Sean is an accomplished guitarist and Amanda a brilliant flautist.

Their songs range from gentle yet powerful ballads to upbeat and inspirational songs. They also include songs of social, spiritual, and ecological conscience in their original repertoire. They have released five original CDs and one of Irish songs.

Amanda and Sean are both New Zealanders of part-Māori descent. They have lived in North and South America, performing and teaching extensively on both continents. They now live in Wellington where they teach and perform music. Sean also teaches inclusive education and performance using NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and InterPlay, a creative community building practice. Amanda also uses music and InterPlay in sessions with pre-school groups and intellectually disabled people. 

They are students and pioneers of social change in their music and their lives, and they also make simply beautiful music!