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Get Ready for the Big One

Welcome to the world of natural hazards!

Here you can explore some of the hazards that happen in New Zealand - especially earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami!

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There are three sections:

  • Are You Prepared?
    Do you know what you need to have in your family’s B-Ready Kit? How to look after your pets in an emergency? Check out your preparations here.
  • Pūrākau (Stories)
    Have you ever wondered how Taranaki got to be on the North Island’s west coast? Or how Māui brought fire to Aotearoa? Read our stories and find out.
  • Get Ready for the Big One
    So you think you know how to quake-safe your home for an earthquake? Where to go if a tsunami warning sounds? Whether to build your clubhouse on a snoozing volcano? Play the game and test your knowledge.

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