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Get Ready for the Big One 

There are three items in the students' game "Get ready for the Big One".

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Are You Prepared?

This interactive quiz complements the Get Ready for the Big One game. Students learn about the importance of being prepared in an emergency. They choose things they think they need to take with them in the event of an evacuation. They will also be given information on preparations for their pets.

Pūrākau (Stories)

This collection of three stories from Aotearoa New Zealand offers accounts of how some important landforms came to be where they are today, how Māui brought fire to the world, and why we have earthquakes.

The pūrākau are short enough for students to read themselves or for you to read out to the class.

You and your students may be familiar with other versions of these pūrākau. The ones here were written specifically for this resource, and you are welcome to print them off for classroom use.

Get Ready for the Big One

This is an interactive game where students explore the reality of living with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami in this geologically active country.

A map of New Zealand shows active volcanoes and coastlines most at risk from tsunami, and is colour-coded to indicate earthquake risk. From there, students can investigate the types of natural hazards that occur in specific regions and find out about some actual events.

Students can then choose the disaster scenario they wish to play:

  • Volcanic eruption - students choose where to place their clubhouse in a volcano’s vicinity. After the volcano erupts, they see the results of their choice.
  • Earthquake - students choose how to quake-safe various objects at the home of Mr and Mrs Rumble. After the earthquake hits, they can see whether they made the right choices.
  • Tsunami - a tsunami is about to hit a seaside town. Where should they go to escape it? Students see the results of their choice.

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Links to the New Zealand Curriculum

Health and Physical Education - Levels 3-5

A: Personal Health and Physical Development

Students will:

  • meet and manage challenges and risks in positive, health-enhancing ways

D: Healthy Communities and Environments

Students will:

  • understand the rights and responsibilities, laws, policies, and practices that relate to people’s well-being
  • understand the interdependence between people and their surroundings and use this understanding to help create healthy environments.

Science - Levels 3-5

Making Sense of Planet Earth and Beyond

Students will:

  1. investigate the composition of planet Earth and gain an  understanding of the processes which shape it;
  2. investigate the geological history of planet Earth and understand that our planet has a long past and has undergone many changes;

Student learning outcomes

Students will learn:

  • that some parts of New Zealand are more susceptible to particular natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami) than others
  • that when it comes to natural hazards the best thing they and their families can do is be prepared
  • how to prepare a B-Ready Kit and that it’s a good idea to have one at home
  • what to do should a disaster strike
  • what to do after a disaster.