Months of the Māori calendar 

For Māori, the new year begins in June with the rising of the constellation of Matariki in the sky. Below is a list of the months in a year in both Māori and English.  You will see there are two different Māori names for each month.  One is translated directly from the English name, the other names were given to represent activities completed in those months.  

For background information on the meanings of these names, click here



Pipiri Hune June
Hōngongoi Hūrae July
Here-turi-kōkā Akuhata August
Mahuru Hepetema         September          
Whiringa-ā-nuku Oketopa October
Whiringa-ā-rangi Noema November
Hakihea Tihema December
Kohi-tātea Hānuere January
Hui-tanguru Pēpuere February
Poutū-te-rangi Maehe March
Paenga-whāwhā Āperira April
Haratua Mei May