Days in a moon month 

Moon Phases

The cycle begins with the new moon. There are thirty nights in each cycle: Whiro is the first night of the new moon, Tirea is the second night, and so on until Mutuwhenua, the last night. The cycle starts again with the appearance of the next new moon, with Whiro, Tirea, and so forth. These names have been taken from the almanac of a number of tribes. The differences are only in the sequence of the phases. As many names were similar, the Māori Language Commission decided to use those employed by the majority.


The moon enters a new phase. An unfavourable day for planting food and for fishing. A good night for taking eel.


A reasonably good night for crayfishing, eeling, and planting food. A good day for collecting shellfish.


 A very good day for eeling, crayfishing, planting kūmara, and sowing seed crops.


A good day for establishing tuber beds, planting food, and fishing.


Another good day for planting food. Fish are restless.


A day for planting food. West winds prevail that only rain will quell.


Eels are voracious feeders this night. A good day for planting food and fishing, but beware fog and foaming sea.


Eel, fish, and kūmara are abundant but small. A productive day for collecting shellfish. Fishermen, beware!


A favourable day for planting food from morning to midday. Not very good for fishing.


A disagreeable day, one for marking time.


 Do not plant food. Not a good day for fishing. Eel and crayfish are wary.


A most favourable day for planting food. Kūmara are large, but rot quickly. A good day for fishing; a good night for trapping crayfish and eel.


A very good day for planting food.

Atua whakahaehae

Not a good day for planting food or for fishing.


A good day for bobbing eel. A good day for fishing and for planting food from midday to sundown.


A very good day. Crops are bountiful. A good day for fishing, but not eeling.


A very good day for fishing, but not eeling. Seed plants grow vigorously.


Takirau faintly visible. The moon is hazy. Food is bountiful, but small in size.


Not a good day for fishing or for planting food.

Korekore te whiwhia

An unproductive night on the shore; winds sweep the seas.

Korekore te rawea

Not a fruitful night. Food is scarce, but await the turn of the tide.

Korekore piri ki Tangaroa

A good day from midday to sundown. A productive period for taking eel, trapped or otherwise. Most foods are plentiful.


A good day for planting food, for fishing and eeling.


Productive days for fishing and for planting food.


A good day for fishing and the cultivation of seed beds.


A very good day for taking eel, for fishing, and for setting crayfish and eel baskets.


A good day for fishing, eeling, and crayfishing. A reasonably good day for planting food.


A very productive day for planting food, fishing, and eeling.


Not a productive day. Food is scarce. Fish are restless and turn tail.


Unproductive day and night. The moon has diminished and the world is now in total darkness.