Tai Awatea | Knowledge Net 

Tai Awatea | Knowledge Net is Te Papa’s online multimedia database. Use it from your own computer or in terminals throughout Te Papa to explore in depth the stories, people, and themes behind treasures from our current and past exhibitions.

Access Tai Awatea | Knowledge net

The text is in both English and Māori, and is accompained by a host of colour images and graphics, as well as video and audio clips, and interactive features.

Tai Awatea | Knowledge Net terminals can be found in the Discovery Centres, Te Aka Matua Library and Information Centre, and in some exhibitions - just look for the Tai Awatea | Knowledge Net icon.

You can print off files from Tai Awatea | Knowledge Net from your own computer for free, and if you want to print them out in colour at Te Papa, the cost is one dollar per file. You can print out files in English or Māori. This is perfect if you’re completing an assignment, researching your family history, or if you just want to create a record of your visit to Te Papa.