Matariki: Early Years Programme

Ashamed by his defeat at the hands of Māui, Tama-nui-i-te-rā sought to hide away from the world …

Young learners – come and share in storytelling. Discover how Matariki and her daughters inspired Te Rā (The Sun) to be strong once again.

Celebrate the dawn sky. Learn how to locate the Matariki star cluster inside our amazing Starlab.

Create a special something to take home for a role model in your life.


Availability: Term 2, 2013

Learning areas and strands (Te Whāriki): Communication > Goals 2, 3, 4; Contribution > Goal 3; Well-being > Goal 2; Belonging > Goals 1, 2; Exploration > Goals 3, 4.

Learning areas and strands (NZC): Social Sciences; Science – Planet Earth and Beyond; Learning Languages – Cultural Knowledge.

Age levels: 4–7 years

Duration: 30–45mins

Cost per student: $3

Full programme information: Essential reading prior to attending this programme. Early Years Matariki programme information (PDF, 73.9kB)

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