Tyrannosaurs: Meet the family 

Term 4 only!
Limited places available.

Discover the Tyrannosaur family tree, from the mighty T.rexright down to some of the tiniest of dinosaurs. Explore how Tyrannosaurs became the world's predators with their massive skulls, powerful jaws, and bone-crunching teeth.
Featuring hands-on activities and dramatic multimedia, this exhibition will enthral students of all ages. See fossil specimens, dinosaur models, and life-sized skeletons, and experience the might of these amazing creatures through augmented reality.

Book a Tyrannosaurs experience for your class!

A Te Papa educator will meet your group for a 15 minute introduction to the tyrannosaur family. Your students will then be given a mission to discover the distinguishing features of these prehistoric predators. In groups of 4 or 5, students will enter the exhibition, explore the interactive displays, and hunt for the answers!
Prior to your visit you will receive a teachers' kit with activities and resources (including an exhibition floor map) to use before, during, and after your Tyrannosaurs experience.

Learning strands:
Science - Living world: Evolution; Life processes
Science - The nature of science: Understanding about science; Communicating in science
Year level: Years 1 - 8
Cost per student: $6.50 (teachers and parent helpers are free)
Duration: Allow 60 minutes per class

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An exhibition developed and toured by the Australian Museum