Art in action: mapping creative process and policy 

3-6 December 2013 , 
  Napier  , Hawkes Bay 

Call for contributions to panel on creative practice and cultural policy
New Zealand Geographical Society (NZGS) Session at the NZGS Conference

Convened by Dr. Polly Stupples, Development Studies, Massey University

Despite the global recession, public discourse on the social value of the arts remains strong. The creative economy is said to have weathered the economic crisis better than other sectors, donor agencies are promoting the creative industries in poor countries as a strategy to achieve 'inclusive growth', local governments are trying to come to terms with what 'cultural well-being' might mean and how one might implement it. The instrumental articulation of the arts as an export earner, a stimulant to tourism, a catalyst for urban renewal, a cost-effective means of employment, a contributor to public health (Belfiore & Bennett, 2008, p. 6) continues its dominance. Meanwhile, artists everywhere continue to produce art - in a sometimes bewildering diversity of genres and sites and in relationship to diverse publics.

Expectations of the actions or agency that we expect from the arts differ according to where we are speaking from and who we are speaking to. Different languages, desires and frames of reference are used by artists, cultural policy makers, consultants, cultural economists, fans and community workers. What kinds of conflicts are embedded in these diverse articulations? What do these frameworks mean for the way in which we understand, participate in or support art? In what ways do these ideas contribute to art's constitutive relationship to place and identity? This panel invites contributions (of 15-20 minute presentations) that engage broadly with these questions, as an entry point to mapping the contemporary terrain of creative practice and cultural policy.

Please send a title, 150 word abstract, your contact information and a short biographical note to by 15 September.