An Introduction to Caring for Photographs 

20 - 21 February 2014 , 9 - 4pm
Canterbury Cultural Recovery Centre
Air Force Museum of New Zealand
Christchurch  , Canterbury 
$15 per person

With support from The Air Force Museum of New Zealand, Matthew O’Sullivan, Keeper of Photographs at Air Force Museum of New Zealand is running a two day introductory workshop on Caring for Photographs.

What will be covered?

During the workshop Matthew will be talking about the most commonly found processes and problems; things he has experienced in the day-to-day running of a photo archive, which encompasses approximately the last 100 years of photography. Earlier photographic processes will only be covered briefly, as background to the more modern processes.

 Matthew will not be talking about conservation issues during this workshop 

Participants will also do some practical exercises.

The workshop will include a tour of the Air Force Museum Photo Archive, where the presenter will answer questions you may have about storage. Matthew encourages participants to think about any problems or issues you have, or might want to talk about and, if possible, bring along an example to look at. 

Who is the workshop for?

This seminar will be aimed at, but not limited to, small institutions with volunteer staff, or newcomers to the archival field, that have photographic collections as part of a wider archival collection. Often the care of photographs is neglected because of a lack of knowledge about their proper care and storage.

Matthew hopes to be able to share the knowledge he has gained over nineteen years, so others can better care for the photographic images in their collections.

 How do I register?

Please contact Matthew at for more information, including a registration form and payment details.