Digital continuity training course 

Wednesday 28 November 2012 , 9am - 4pm
Archives New Zealand, 10 Mulgrave Street, Wellington Central
Wellington  , Wellington 
$380 + GST

'Maintain your digital information'

You work in a busy government agency. You’ve just been made aware that a CD-R burned a few years ago, containing vital records, can't be read. You know that your agency makes heavy use of CDs to archive information. Alarm bells start to ring.

What do you do next?
Your agency also manages a variety of ageing databases. One cold Monday morning, the IT manager drops by to tell you that she thinks it's time to migrate the databases to a common platform. She would like your help.

What do you do next?
Archives New Zealand has developed a new one-day training course which will help attendees to work through these and similar scenarios, with the aim of exploring and raising awareness of the general topic of 'digital continuity'.
The course will:
- help you to understand the key digital continuity issues
help you to identify specific digital continuity risks and mitigations
give you a chance to work through case studies inspired by real-life examples of the digital continuity challenges facing agencies
give you a chance to carry out a Digital Continuity Health Check on your own organisation using indicators developed and explained during the day
provide you with a starting point for developing or contributing to the development of a targeted Digital Continuity Action Plan for your agency
tell you about other resources available to help you manage digital continuity
The course is not designed to teach digital preservation techniques, such as how to access an obsolete file format or migrate information between file formats.
The course is a starting point for all information management staff in public offices, local authorities and others who have an interest in or responsibility for maintaining digital information over time, and would like to learn more about digital continuity.

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