Public Records Act 2005 and Local Government Records & Archives 

11-12 August 2014 , 
  Wellington  , Wellington 
$650.00 + GST
Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Were Too Afraid to Ask – In Local Government!

This course introduces you to the key provisions contained in the Public Records Act as they apply to local authority records and archives and the new Records Management Standard for the Public Sector.  It provides plenty of opportunity to work through real examples, and helps you determine what your next recordkeeping and archiving steps should be.  It is intended for people working in local authorities who have responsibility for aspects of recordkeeping. This includes: records managers, records officers, archivists, recordkeeping support roles, it professionals and project managers.

The course covers:

  • The difference between local authority records and local authority protected records and how to identify each
  • What it means to create and maintain records and archives
  • Common issues in creating and maintaining records
  • The benefits of good recordkeeping and how to explain these to others
  • How the PRA applies to different formats
  • How the PRA applies to records created by council controlled organisations (CCOs)
  • The management of digitisation projects
  • The relationship between the PRA and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act  (LGOIMA)  as well as the Privacy Act
  • Key functions of a local authority archive
  • Considerations when setting up a local authority archive
  • How to implement the Local Government Schedule
  • How to decide what records to keep
  • Different approaches to arranging and describing archives
  • What the mandatory Storage Standard means for local authority archives


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