Recordkeeping Metadata 

Monday 21 July 2014 , 
  Wellington  , Wellington 
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Getting to Grips with Data About Data

The Electronic Recordkeeping Metadata Standard establishes principles and minimum requirements for creating and managing recordkeeping metadata in electronic environments.   This is a mandatory minimum standard for all public offices and local authorities (excluding schools).

This course introduces you to the requirements contained within the Records Management Standard regarding metadata and provides plenty of opportunity to work through real examples, and understand how you can implement the metadata principles within the Standard in your organisation.

This course is intended for people working in public offices and local authorities who have responsibility for particular aspects of recordkeeping.  This includes recordkeeping and information management professionals (Records Managers, Information Managers and Knowledge Managers), and IT professionals (CIOs, IT Managers and Project Managers).

What you will learn:

  • Key terms and concepts when thinking about metadata.
  • What metadata is required to support electronic record keeping.
  •  The difference between point of capture metadata and process metadata and why it matters.
  • How and where metadata is useful.
  • When you might want to extend your metadata use beyond the minimum requirement.
  • Different mechanisms for creating and managing metadata.
  • How to apply the requirements of the Standard in file shares, EDRMS, email, line of business systems and collaborative sites / workspaces.
  • How to use the Metadata Standard Technical Specification.
  • The components of a metadata framework.

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