Sign & return: informing collection documentation conference 

8 - 10 February 2012 , 
National Gallery of Victoria & VMIA Risk Management and Insurance
Melbourne, Australia  , Outside New Zealand 

Australasian Registrars' Committee Conference 2012

Registration documentation has developed substantially from the days of manual registers and form filling, now playing a vital role in all aspects of collection risk management.  Contemporary collection documentation is shaped by an environment that demands ever increasing levels of due diligence and transparency, and it also takes its cue from innovation in technology, changes in law and government regulation, and increasing external requests to assess collection information.

This conference aims to scope the environment, processes and law that informs the way registrars document collections and exhibitions. It will traverse key aspects of collection management such as stocktaking and valuation, identify some of the key issues facing those responsible for loan and exhibition registration, and discuss innovations in information management.  Expect some frank and pragmatic discussion from a range of national and international speakers. We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Buck, registrar and editor of The New Museum Registration Methods, back to Australia to present the keynote address; she will be joined by a host of international and local registrars and industry professionals.

Visit the conference website for more information.