Michael Hall, Te Papa photographer, presenting at a Digital Photography and Paper Conservation workshop.

Taonga conservation workshops

National Services Te Paerangi has been holding Taonga Conservation workshops throughout New Zealand since 2007. They are a collaborative effort by National Services Te Paerangi and local iwi.

These workshops are a two-day intensive learning experience where the focus is 'hands on’. They are tutored by Rangi Te Kawana (Textiles Conservator, Te Papa) and Vicki-Anne Heikell (Paper Conservator, National Preservation Office, Alexander Turnbull Library).

Rangi assesses taonga brought to the workshop by iwi members. She assesses the objects, then plans and helps the whanau construct their very own, unique storage containers for these precious taonga.

Vicki-Anne teaches iwi members the techniques of correct handling for paper taonga, the correct way to pack and protect paper taonga, and the methods of constructing containers and folders for future storage. She assesses the condition of paper objects brought to the workshop by participants, before demonstrating different storage techniques.

After the workshop, participants are encouraged to show other iwi members (with support from Te Papa) the correct techniques and methods to prepare taonga for storage for generations to come.

Digital photography and paper conservation workshops

National Services Te Paerangi has been holding Digital Photography & Paper Conservation workshops throughout New Zealand since 2009. They are a collaborative effort by National Services Te Paerangi and local iwi, and were developed in response to iwi who recognised the risks to photographs hanging in wharenui around the country.

These 'hands on', practical workshops are two days long. The first day is helpful for those who wish to learn how to copy images of tupuna/whanau photographs for future archiving and safe storage. The second day concentrates on methods and techniques on how to care for works on paper to preserve those documents for future generations.

The workshops are tutored by Norm Heke (Ngā Puhi, Te Arawa), Michael Hall and Kate Whitley, Te Papa photographers, and Vicki-Anne Heikell (Te Whānau-a-Apanui) paper conservator from the National Preservation Office, Alexander Turnbull Library.

Iwi members learn how to capture good quality photographs. Participants are invited to bring a collection of photographs that may be used in the workshop, and may bring personal cameras along for a discussion session on how to get the most from your equipment.

The workshop also provides participants with techniques and methods for the care and storage of paper taonga. Participants are also invited to bring along their important paper documents and learn the proper techniques to care for and store them.

Interested in hosting a workshop?

If you're interested in hosting a workshop, please read the following document, then contact us for further information.

Considerations for iwi wishing to host a workshop (PDF, 99kB)

We're always interested in hearing new workshop suggestions for iwi that will support care of taonga. Contact us to discuss your idea:

Kylie Ngaropo, Manager Iwi Development
kylie.ngaropo@tepapa.govt.nz | 04 381 7471 or freephone 0508 678 743

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