Takitimu Festival Workshop 2008 

Some workshop participants at the Takitimu FestivalAs part of the Takitimu Festival held in Hawkes Bay 12−16 November 2008, National Services Te Paerangi (NSTP) held a Taonga Conservation workshop. The two-day workshop drew a full house, with 25 people supporting the first day.

Rhonda Paku, Gavin Reedy and Jade Hadfield, all from NSTP, participated in the workshop and assisted Rangi Te Kanawa, the presenter. This is one of several Taonga Conservation workshops NSTP has presented throughout New Zealand. Presenter, Rangi Te Kanawa, Conservator Textiles at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, focused on practical steps iwi can take in the proper handling, storage, and display of taonga, so that these treasures will surive for the next generation to enjoy. Rangi began by giving a lecture on aspects of taonga, the make-up of materials and fibre, and the factors that contribute to the deterioration of taonga over time.

Every Taonga Conservation workshop that NSTP organises is special because each taonga has its own mana, story, and set of memories for the whanau that it belongs to. With several beautiful korowai and kakahu, as well as kete, pare, tokotoko, and many other prized whanau taonga, this workshop was no different.

Rangi also discussed the pathways to becoming a Conservator, and stressed to the group the need for Māori to pick up this work. Rhonda Paku, Iwi Development Manager, asked participants to encourage their young people to look at the museum sector as a possible career choice. Options include tertiary training, as well as the:

On the second day, people busily completed their projects, and there was a steady stream of observers, giving rise to many discussions on taonga and iwi development. These workshops always bring out an intense range of emotions, and the two days finished with poroporoaki, karakia and waiata.

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