Research Visits 

Te Papa endeavours to make the Museum’s collections available to bona fide scholars and researchers, providing that the safety of the collections, staff, and visitors is not compromised, and that access does not interfere with programmed work. Te Papa will generally provide access to its collections free of charge to scholars.

Where a loan is required, Te Papa’s standard loan procedures will apply.

Where the scholar is seeking access on site, the request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Requests to use facilities such as laboratories will also be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Te Papa may charge researchers or scholars for access to collections in certain circumstances, for example, where a significant amount of staff time is required to supervise access or where Te Papa resources are required to assist the researcher. Charging may be at cost recovery, or partial cost recovery, or a standard fee that reflects staff time and resources required. A fee waiver may be made where there is a direct benefit to Te Papa arising from the research.

In providing access to collections and archives, Te Papa will operate in a manner consistent with its mana taonga principle. In practice, this means that the views of iwi and/or communities will be considered where there is a request for access to collections, archives, or subject expertise that relates directly to such groups, and where the right to deny access is part of a prior agreement. Access may be denied if the advice of iwi (tribal groups) or communities has not been provided or sought.

All scholars and researchers working in collaboration with Te Papa, or undertaking research on the collections or archives, will be provided with a set of guidelines for undertaking research at Te Papa.