Crustacea identification 

Some references you may want to try

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Ask us for an identification

It isn’t necessary to donate the specimens in exchange for identifications, but good specimens with data on where and when they were found may be welcome deposits to the collection.

Some identifications can be made from emailed photos, but more often than not we need to see the animals themselves.

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Send us the specimen

There are two ways to send us crustaceans:

Preferred way
  • Freeze the specimen
  • Notify us before sending it
  • Let us know you would like to send it
  • Send it by refrigerated transport or bring it directly to us
Alternate way
  • Preserve the specimen in methylated spirits or some other kind of alcohol
  • Notify us before sending it
  • Send it by refrigerated transport or bring it directly to us

Crustacea Team
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
169 Tory Street / PO Box 467
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