Other online spider resources 

There are many web pages on spiders out there, although very little on New Zealand spiders. Perhaps the best site to start with is The Arachnology Home Page as this site includes an impressive list of links to spiders from other parts of the world.  

Pictures and videos of New Zealand spiders – Te Papa Channel

You may notice that a number of the species covered on Te Papa's website are Australian species that have become established in New Zealand. If you would like to know more about these spiders in the context of their native Australia, here are some links to Australian spider websites:

Australian spider websites

Landcare Research's bug identification site, including a few spiders not covered on this website
Museum of Victoria spiders page
Australian Museum spiders page
Queensland Museum spiders page
Australia's venomous creatures page (including a section on spiders)

Other spider websites

The NZ National Poisons Centre website including advice on treatment of bites
Spiders of New Zealand - Te Papa
Website of the International Society of Arachnology
The World Spider Catalog

Spider Books

Spiders of New Zealand and their Worldwide Kin. Forster, R.R. & Forster, L.M. 1999. University of Otago Press. 270 pp.

Which New Zealand Spider? Crowe, A.2007. Penguin Books. 64 pp.

Know Your New Zealand Insects and Spiders. Early, J.W. 2009. New Holland Press (NZ). 176 pp.