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GNS Science is a government-owned research company offering the best in independent scientific and technical advice on earth sciences.

Along with the Earthquake Commission (EQC), GNS Science supported the creation of Awesome Forces, Te Papa’s most popular long-term exhibition. GNS Science’s expertise, research, and materials were used to develop the exhibition concept and content, and since Te Papa opened GNS Science’s expertise has underpinned much of the development of the exhibition. GNS Science is also co-sponsor of the associated book, Awesome Forces, published by Te Papa Press.

In 2001, GNS Science, EQC, and Te Papa collaborated to create Quake Braker - an exhibition that explores the New Zealand-developed technology of base isolation.

GNS Science also contributed expertise to the development of Bush City.

In 2008, GNS Science developed an online resource about the Wellington Fault: The Wellington Fault, a tour guide for Fault Finders.


Dr Hamish Campbell 

hamish campbellDr Hamish Campbell is one of two scientists in residence at Te Papa from GNS Science. They are the only sponsor's representatives with a regular physical presence on site.
Dr Campbell is normally at the Museum on Wednesdays, an arrangement that has been in place since opening day in February 1998.

Dr Campbell was born in Christchurch and raised in Dunedin. He was educated at Otago Boys' High School and studied geology and palaeontology at Otago, Auckland, and Cambridge universities. His particular expertise relates to the older rocks and fossils of New Zealand. When he is at GNS Science, he is involved in government research projects funded by Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST) and the Marsden Fund.

At Te Papa, he is partly responsible for the Awesome Forces exhibition and is often called upon as a subject expert for other exhibitions. For example, he was curator of the touring exhibition Dinosaurs from China. He is also often called upon for his written and oral science communication skills. He is co-editor and co-author of the book Awesome Forces, one of Te Papa Press's most popular titles.

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Dr Karyne Rogers

drDr Karyne Rogers is one of Te Papa’s two scientists in residence. She is normally on site every Thursday.

Dr Rogers was born in Hamilton and raised in Wellington. She attended Upper Hutt College and studied geochemistry at Victoria University of Wellington. Her particular expertise relates to isotope* environmental science, especially with respect to estuarine and coastal monitoring, land use changes, and nitrate contamination in groundwater and drinking water. When she is at GNS Science, she is involved in government research projects (funded by FRST) and provision of consultancy advice to GNS Science's commercial clients.

At Te Papa she is often called on to assist staff or answer public enquiries drawing directly on her field of expertise. Dr Rogers also coordinates and hosts Science Express, a popular public forum held monthly at Level 4 Espresso.

* Isotopes are atoms that behave chemically like any other of the same element. What sets them apart is being tagged with extra neutrons identifying their source.


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