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Elsdon Best Title

Author: Elsdon Best

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Elsdon Best was New Zealand’s foremost writer on pre-European Māori life.

His books are a uniquely valuable record of traditional Māori culture, social customs and beliefs. Without him, we would know little of the customs and traditions of these times.

Best published eleven monographs on all aspects of life; this edition brings them all back into print.

His ideas and research have been questioned since his death – especially as his work was underpinned by the 19th century belief that Māori were a people under threat of extinction. Yet his research was based on rare first-hand knowledge, wide reading, informed study and close discussion with Māori.

NZ RRP (incl. GST): $34.99 each
Illustrations: Black-and-white images
Format: 240mm x 150mm
Binding: PB

Please note: some of the titles are out of print. This is indicated by O/P.

ISBNs as follows:
978-1-877385-00-1 Fishing methods
978-1-877385-01-8 Forest lore of the Māori   O/P
978-1-877385-02-5 Games and pastimes   O/P
978-1-877385-03-2 Māori agriculture   O/P
978-1-877385-05-6 Māori religion Pt 1
978-1-877385-06-3 Māori religion Pt 2   O/P
978-1-877385-07-0 Māori storehouses
978-1-877385-09-4 Stone implements   O/P
978-1-877385-04-9 The Māori canoe   O/P
978-1-877358-08-7 The pa Māori   O/P
978-1-877385-10-0  The whare kohanga   O/P 

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