About The Curioseum 

The Curioseum cover

The Curioseum is a marvellous mix of extraordinary stories and poems from some of New Zealand’s best writers. It’s inspired by cool stuff you can find at Te Papa, with lots of illustrations by award-winning Sarah Laing.

How did this book happen? All the stories in The Curioseum started out as objects in the museum. A bunch of writers came into Te Papa and looked at the exhibitions and out the back in drawers and boxes. Then each of them chose an object or two, and imagined new and wonderful tales about them. These stories are all sorts – funny, puzzling, creepy, traditional, smart. That’s because the writers are all sorts themselves – scriptwriters, film-makers, actors, graphic novelists, poets, journalists.

Find out about The Curioseum writers, look at the objects they chose, and see or hear some of them reading their amazing stories and poems.

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