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Meet some of the authors in The Curioseum. Hear them reading their amazing stories and poems, and talking about the objects that inspired them.

Jo RandersonBarbara ElseDave Armstrong
Bill ManhireJames BrownKyle Mewburn
Frances SamuelPaora Tibble

‘Things from Other Places’, Jo Randerson

Jo Randerson talks about a boring briefcase – and its weird insides!


‘The Flyaway Hat’, Barbara Else

A shipwrecked suit running off with an opera singer's hat.


‘Soldiers’, Dave Armstrong

Will Grandpa’s rifle or his bugle knock your block off?


‘Te Papa Bike Makeover’, James Brown

A super-fast bike, a cool crashing poem, and a punk haircut.


‘Magnitude’, Bill Manhire

What’s a giant magnitudifying glass?


‘The Fold-away Boy’, Kyle Mewburn

Unpicked and folded flat - will this boy get himself together again?


‘Monster Fish’, Frances Samuel

‘Get this boat off my back!’ snarls a fish.


‘Kiore Whispers’, Paora Tibble

Rats versus two-legs on a moving island – who’s the smartest?