Guided tours 

Our range of engaging and informative tours enrich any Te Papa visit, and bring the stories of New Zealand’s land and people to life. A tour with one of our knowledgeable Hosts is a fun way to help orientate the first-time visitor, and adds depth and understanding to the Te Papa experience.

Tours can be delivered (on request) by multilingual guides including Māori, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin.

Guided Tour

Daily tours for individuals and small groups

  • Introducing Te Papa
  • Gallipoli: The scale of our war – Earlybird
  • Māori Highlights Tour
  • Twilight Tour
  • 蒂帕帕精华之旅 Mandarin Highlight Tour

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Guided Tour

Private tours

  • Te Papa Highlights Tour
  • Māori Highlights Tour
  • Māori Experience Kapu Tï Tour
  • Art Highlights Tour
  • Accessibility Tours

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Gallipoli: The scale of our war

Daily tours

Introducing Te Papa
This 60-minute tour is the perfect way to get an overview of Te Papa’s highlights, Māori treasures, and New Zealand history. Ideal for visitors with limited time or wanting an introduction for an extended visit.

Gallipoli: The scale of our war (early-bird entry)
– 9.30am daily
– 9.05am daily between 29 Dec 2015 and the 8 Feb 2016 and 17 to 23 Feb 2016
Start with an introduction from a Te Papa Host, then explore at your leisure - before the doors open.

Māori Highlights Tour – 2pm daily
Take an in-depth journey and discover Te Papa’s taonga (Māori cultural treasures). From historic, artistic, and contemporary perspectives, this tour will enrich your understanding of what makes New Zealand’s Māori culture unique.

Twilight Tour – 5.00pm daily
Discover Te Papa's highlights in this express tour, perfect if you're short on time.

蒂帕帕精华之旅 Mandarin Highlight Tour – 11am Monday to Friday

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