Game Masters: Comedy Night 

Thursday 14 February,  7pm–8pm
Soundings Theatre, Level 2

full $12; concession $9; happy Valentines package $60

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Video gamer and comedian James Nokise’s hilarious show, Gamers Quest VI: Final Gear Halo Kart … Online – is a comedic companion to the Game Masters exhibition. He takes gaming to the next level. For one night only, he presents 25 years worth of ridiculous gaming stories that you won't hear anywhere else.

Nokise looks at the history of gaming and gamers: from geeks, to indie geeks, pop-culture icons, indie pop-culture icons, sell-outs, and back to indie geeks. The show is full of industry in-jokes, but with enough to entertain the uninitiated. It will delight anyone interested in gaming, especially those who live the life – or who have suffered through living with others who game hard.



James Nokise

James Nokise has sacrificed relationships and natural pigmentation to save galaxies, princesses, and hedgehogs. He was born in 1982 and grew up immersed in gaming culture – from 5-cent arcade games to Fruit Ninja, from Frogger to Angry Birds, and from King’s Quest to Minecraft. He's played on almost every console – even a Saturn.


Happy Valentine’s Package

Treat that special someone to a night out of comedy, video games and a drink or two to wash it all down.The Happy Valentines Package includes two show tickets, two Game Masters exhibition tickets that may be redeemed either on the night or during the Te Papa's season, and two beverages.

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