Science Express: From Stress to Strength 

Thursday 5 April6.30pm–8pm
Level 4 Espresso
Free entry

Learn how to manage stress in this Science Express presentation with clinical psychologist and resilience expert Gaynor Parkin.

Do you want to boost your resilience so you bounce back even when life is hectic and the demands on you are high?

Find out what recent scientific research has discovered about resilience, and learn which tools and strategies are most effective for helping us recover and thrive under pressure.

The presentation is interactive, so come along ready to try out some tools and exercises.

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Gaynor Parkin

Gaynor Parkin is a registered clinical psychologist who has extensive experience working with individuals, groups, and workplace teams. She is the founding director of Umbrella Health and Resilience and also works as a Clinical Practice Advisor for the Psychology Department at Victoria University of Wellington.

Gaynor is co-author of the book I’ve Had It Up to Here: From stress to strength, published by Consumer New Zealand. She is passionate about the topic of resilience and tests the robustness of resilience tools when juggling work with the joys and challenges of parenting twin boys.