Science Express - Why Critical Thinking is Critical to Your Health and Happiness - Vicki Hyde 

6 November 2008, 

With email lottery scams, psychic ‘exploitainment’ programmes, and the alternative snake oil industry all vying for your money and attention, critical thinking provides crucial consumer protection for the mind, body, and wallet. Vicki Hyde, the country's keenest observer of the con, explains how.

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Vicki Hyde (BSc, BA) is a science populariser by passionate choice, and a web design and development company director by profession. She has a Science and Technology Medal of New Zealand, and was made a Companion of the Royal Society of New Zealand for promoting public understanding of science and technology.

For ten years, she independently published New Zealand Science Monthly magazine and is now Managing Editor of, an internationally lauded website allied with a Caltech/PBS-based multi-media science discourse initiative. As Chair-entity of the New Zealand Skeptics, Vicki has looked (unsuccessfully) for UFOs, moa, and ghosts. Her third book, Oddzone (New Holland Press, 2006), covered critical thinking and the paranormal. Two earlier books were on astronomy.


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