Science Express – Globalisation with Dr Gael Lagadec 

6 September 2007, 

Dr Gael Lagadec
Dr Gael Lagadec

We all participate in globalisation – whether it’s buying an Australian apple or a pair of sneakers at a cut-price store. New Zealand exports many goods to the overseas market and, in return, imports many goods that it could produce as cheaply itself. But at whose expense and does a global economy leave us all vulnerable in a seemingly unethical marketplace? Dr Gaēl Lagadec, an economist from the University of New Caledonia, will examined these issues in September's Science Express.

Dr Lagadec obtained his PhD in economics in 1997 at the University of Lille (France).

He has worked in New Caledonia for nine years and is the head of the department of law and economics at the University of New Caledonia. Dr Lagadec’s main research fields are the role of international trade, political economy of protectionism, and multinational firms in the economical development of countries. His recent applied works concern the introduction of the euro currency in French-Pacific territories.

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