September 2008 – Youth Crime – A Hot Election Issue 

4 September 2008, 

Dr Fiona Beals, an Education Studies lecturer at Victoria University, discusses how youth crime is represented by government, the media, and academics.

In this election year, there has already been much discussion of youth crime in New Zealand. Terms often heard include text bullying, boy racers, youth drinking, youth-at-risk, early intervention, the family, and education. Are these stereotypes or do they give a realistic picture of New Zealand’s youth? How does the rate of violent youth crime compare to the figures from last election year?

Dr Beals has studied how young people are negatively stereotyped in youth crime debates each election year.

‘The research is based on the 2002 election year, but the same debates are still happening in 2008. In 2002, the way people talked about youth crime in cases like the death of Michael Choy and Kenneth Piagott stigmatised certain groups of young people – particularly a young and poor ethnic minority,’ she says.


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