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Free entry, admission charges apply for the OurSpace rides
Family; People and history 

Experience the thrill – for free!

To mark the closing of OurSpace take the wildest aerial tour ever, and journey 2,000 metres below the ocean’s surface – for free! The Deep Ride & The High Ride are free 26 & 27 Jul 2014. Bring your family to experience the thrill this weekend.

Our Space Map

Create your vision of New Zealand on The Wall, a state-of-the-art interactive canvas – mix it, own it, share it. Explore New Zealand’s culture and geography with the interactive glass floor map and The High Ride, the wildest aeriar tour ever. Plus take The Deep Ride and journey 2,000 metres below the ocean's surface aboard a submarine simulator.

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Visit www.ourspace.tepapa.com to contribute images and clips and become part of the OurSpace community.

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Have a look at all the media that has been loaded so far:

See live snapshots of The Wall:

Visit OurSpace at Te Papa

Take a walk on The Map and trigger New Zealand into action.
Get the adrenalin pumping with The High Ride.
Log onto The Wall and leave your mark on its giant artistic interface.
Visit a virtual volcano 2,000 metres under the sea on The Deep Ride.

OurSpace Youtube video preview See OurSpace in action on YouTube

The Map 

The Map

The floor is alive with your footsteps!  A 14-metre-long satellite map of New Zealand is laid out on the floor. As you walk over the map, you trigger sensors that project a variety of images onto large display screens. Step onto its hot spots to see moments of New Zealand culture, identity, and geography.

More about The Map

The Wall 

The Wall

The Wall is a collective and creative space about who we are and what we do. Touch-screens provide access to thousands of digital records from a range of sources including TVNZ archives, Te Papa's own collections, and the OurSpace community. Display your chosen images on the 18-metre-long wall as a mural, visual story, or VJ composition. The possibilities for using The Wall are only limited by your imagination!

More about The Wall
See live snapshots of The Wall

The Rides

The Deep Ride

The Deep

A real life scientific adventure ride! Around 80% of New Zealand's territory is under water. But more people have travelled to the moon than have explored the depths around the Brothers underwater volcano.

With renowned scientist and adventurer Dr Cornel de Ronde to guide you, join the hunt for deep-sea black smokers and erupting volcanoes from the safety of our deep-sea vehicle simulator.

Safety guidelines for the rides

The High Ride 

The High Ride

Imagine the most exciting clips from The Wall. The thrill of extreme sports, free running, flying foxes. The nostalgia of trundling over cattlestops, sliding down grassy hills. Clips that ride back in time, clips that go all around and under New Zealand. Now imagine that you enter The Wall and live these scenes first-hand – that's The High Ride!

Safety guidelines for the rides

OurSpace Youtube video preview 
See OurSpace in action on YouTube

Class visits to OurSpace

OurSpace is part of two of our education programmes: Awesome Forces, and Explore Te Papa. You can also bring your class to visit OurSpace independently.

Ride prices 

OurSpace rides are free this weekend 26 and 27 Jul 2014

 High RideDeep RideBoth rides
Adult (16 years and older)$10.00$10.00$18.00
Concession (student, etc)$8.00$8.00$14.50
Friends of Te Papa$6.50$6.50$12.00
Child under 16$5.00$5.00$9.00
Friends of Te Papa - child$3.50$3.50$6.50

 Family whānau prices

 Family whānau pricesHigh RideDeep RideBoth rides
1 adult, 2 children $17.50$17.50$31.50
2 adults, 1 child $22.00$22.00$40.00
2 adults, 2 children$23.50$23.50$42.50
additional children$3.50$3.50$6.50

 Groups (prices per person)

Groups (price per person)High RideDeep RideBoth rides
10+ adults$7.00$7.00$12.50
School groups (primary and secondary)$4.50$4.50$8.00


Stay safe on our rides

As both rides involve motion simulation, some of which is sudden and dramatic, they may not be suitable for very young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people who suffer from epilepsy, dizziness, heart problems, claustrophobia, and neck or back disorders.

You must be at least 1.1 metres (110 centimetres) tall to take both The Deep Ride and The High Ride.

Visitors in wheelchairs are able to watch both The Deep Ride and The High Ride films without taking the ride.

Photography is not permitted on the rides. 

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