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Queen’s coronation & 1953-54 Royal Tour

Royal Wax Vesta coronation matchbox
Royal Wax Vesta coronation matchbox 1953, New Zealand Wax Vesta Co. Ltd. Dunedin. Te Papa

New Zealanders fervently celebrated the crowning of Queen Elizabeth in 1953, showing their continuing allegiance to Britain. This matchbox was among the many souvenirs that marked the occasion.

The Queen's 1953–54 Royal Tour, the first by a reigning monarch, was an equally momentous event. New Zealanders flocked to see the glamorous young Queen. They waved Union Jacks, not New Zealand flags.

Some souvenirs were created for children. One schoolgirl wrote of her royal souvenir: 'I shall … give it pride of place in my Royal Family Scrapbook.'

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