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Te Papa Education | Te Ipu Kāhuirangi Panui

Te Papa educator and students at the colossal squid
Te Papa educator and students at the colossal squid

2–3 per term
Keep up to date about education programmes, new exhibitions, teacher previews, professional development opportunities, and online resources.
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National Services Te Paerangi e-newsletter

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Quarterly, with monthly updates
Keep informed about our work for and with the New Zealand museum and gallery sector. Includes news, professional development opportunities, upcoming events and workshops.
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Arts Te Papa Off the Wall

Subscribe to Te Papa's quarterly digital magazine, Off the Wall, for lively, in-depth art commentary from a diverse range of New Zealand artists and writers.

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Open Eyes – Friends of Te Papa

Receive information, news, and events related to Friends of Te Papa special events, discounts, exhibition previews and more.
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Te Auahi Tūroa e-pānui

Keep up to date with Te Papa’s work with iwi and kaupapa Māori activities.  This e-pānui is a place to gain and to share knowledge.
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Te Papa Store

Don’t miss our new merchandise, shopping events and special promotions from Te Papa Store and Te Papa Kids' Store.
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Pacific at Te Papa

Receive information, news, and events related to Te Papa’s Pacific exhibitions.
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The Ultimate Venue (Te Papa Icon Catering)

Receive venue and catering information and special offers for your next function, convention or conference at Te Papa.
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