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Ferrari F2004

The design philosophy behind the F2004 was to lower the centre of gravity to optimise aerodynamic efficiency and the performance of the Bridgestone tyres and 053 engine.

Aerodynamics and weight loss

Fundamental changes were made to the engine cover and rear wing assembly to satisfy new 2004 regulations, and every area affecting aerodynamics was further developed, with many new components. A new approach to materials for the gearbox casing (cast titanium with carbon fibre skin) and rear crash structure resulted in considerable weight saving.

Re-shaped and refined

The construction of the car’s chassis barely altered, but its shape was completely changed to meet aerodynamic requirements. A refined power steering system improved assistance and driver feel, and close collaboration with Bridgestone improved understanding of the interaction of track surface, tyre, and car. All systems – water, engine, transmission, and hydraulics – were reviewed to maximise performance and serviceability, and to meet new race weekend timetable and procedures.

Technical specifications

Constructor: Ferrari, Italy
Year: 2004
Engine: Ferrari type 053 V10
Capacity: 2997cc
Power: Estimated to be 900bhp
Grands Prix: 36

Other cars in the exhibition

Ferrari F2004
Ferrari F2004

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