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McLaren M7A

The McLaren M7A, designed by Robin Herd and Gordon Coppuck, entered the European F1 season in 1968. The car featured a Ford Cosworth Double Four Valve (DFV) engine, which had made its debut in a Lotus 49 in 1967, following the 1966 change to a 3-litre formula.

Ford Cosworth Double Four Valve (DFV) engine

Developed by Cosworth Engineering for the Ford Motor Company, the DFV was light, compact, and relatively cheap, and effectively replaced the Coventry Climax as the standard F1 engine.  


McLaren finally became a consistent front-runner in the McLaren M7A, recording the team's first victory at the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix and making Bruce McLaren the second Grand Prix driver to win a race in a car of his own construction. The same year, Denny Hulme drove the McLaren M7A to victory in the Canadian Grand Prix, with Bruce McLaren coming second – the first 1–2 finish for the McLaren team in an F1 World Championship Grand Prix. 

Technical specifications

Constructor: McLaren, England
Year: 1968
Engine: Ford Cosworth DFV V8
Capacity: 2992cc
Power: 408bhp at 9000rpm
Grands Prix: 22

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McLaren M7A
McLaren M7A

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