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McLaren MP4-21

In 2006, McLaren developed the MP4-21 as a successor to the fastest car of 2005 – the McLaren MP4-20. Seven MP4-21 chassis were made.

Tighter packaging

The MP4-21 consists of 11,500 components, 90 per cent of which were changed from the MP4-20. These changes include tighter packaging to the rear of the car, a lowered and narrowed nose, and a reduction in the size of air intakes – including apertures in the main chassis – improving overall aerodynamics. This MP4-21 is in 2009 livery.

Technical specifications

Kimi Räikkönen
Juan Pablo Montoya
Pedro de la Rosa

Grands Prix: 18      
Pole positions: 3   

Dimensions and weight
Front track: 1448 mm                      
Rear track: 1419 mm                       
Wheel base: 3160 mm                    
Overall length: 4706 mm                 
Overall height: 1100 mm                 
Overall width: 1795 mm                   
Overall weight: 600 kg (including driver, camera, and ballast)

Engine: Mercedes-Benz FO108S V8
Capacity: 2400 cc, normally aspirated
Power output: 740 bhp at 18,500 rpm
Architecture: 90 degrees V8
Life: 1200 km
Oil and lubricants: Mobil 1
Electronics: McLaren Electronic Systems

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McLaren MP4-21
McLaren MP4-21

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