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Entrance to the Space exhibition
Entrance to the Space exhibition, when it was still on at Te Papa.

This exciting exhibition, on display at Te Papa from 11 December 2004 to 29 March 2005, took you on an exploration of the science of space. This online resource was designed to support teachers in guiding their students through the Space exhibition.

It tells the stories of some inspiring New Zealanders with a passion for space, discusses the amazing Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn, and lists great resources, pūrākau (stories), books, websites, and activities that enhanced the experience.

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Key competencies

Using language, symbols and texts

Curriculum links

Mathematics and Statistics
Number and Algebra - Levels 2-5
Geomerty and Measurement - Levels 2-5

Physical World - Levels 2-5
Planet Earth and Beyond - Levels 2-5
Investigating in Science - Levels 2-5
Understanding about Science - Levels 2-5

Technological Knowledge - Levels 2-5

Social Studies
Social Studies - Levels 2-5

For the classroom

Activities, books, links, and pūrākau (stories). More>

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